Super 8 meets Men in Black 




Four outcast TEENAGERS find a mysterious 1950’s comic book locked away in an abandoned safe. As a joke, one of the kids orders a product advertised in the back – a pair of x-ray sunglasses. To their surprise… the glasses arrive two days later. And they work! Quickly the gang realize that whatever product they send away for – no matter how absurd – always gets delivered. They figure this comic is the perfect tool to make themselves more appealing to the cool high school cliques. All too soon, however, they learn the true meaning of the old adage “With great power comes great responsibility”. From within the safe confines of their deluxe tree house headquarters, the geeky quartet realize that they should do much more with this newly found power than simply achieve high school popularity. Things get even more complicated when two FEDERAL AGENTS arrive in town looking for the comic book. Turns out it’s a classified military property from the cold war. Terrified that they’ll get into serious trouble, the four consider getting rid of the comic once and for all. Their decision is made evermore complicated when they learn that the comic’s products were intended to be used as weapons of war, yet our four young heroes have managed to use them as tools to make their world a better place. The kids decide not to give in, no matter what trouble they might get into. Even though it will mean living a double life in order to protect their families, while also attempting to balance the everyday challenges of teenage life. Because, after all, saving the world while trying to get a date for the prom, ain’t any kind of fun.