PRESS RELEASE: January 24th, 2017


Vancouver, BCJanuary 24th, 2017 – Raven Banner Releasing has snapped up distribution rights for Canada on Peter Ricq’s debut feature.  Principal photography recently wrapped in Vancouver on the horror/comedy DEAD SHACK which stars Lauren Holly (Dumb & Dumber, Picket Fences), Donavon Stinson (Call Me Fitz), and Valerie Tian (Juno), alongside newcomers Mathew Nelson-Mahood, Lizzie Boyd and Gabe LaBelle.

The film is produced by Amber Ripley of Goodbye Productions, Shayne Putzlocher of Trilight Entertainment and executive produced by Sara Shaak and Glenn Paradis. Director is Peter Ricq, one-half of the Juno-nominated band HUMANS, who are composing an original score for the film. Ricq penned the script along with Philippe Ivanusic-Vallee and Davila LeBlanc, the co-creators of the award-winning animated TV series The League of Super Evil.

DEAD SHACK is a horror dark comedy that centres on three kids who, while on a weekend getaway at a rundown cottage in the woods, must save their hard-partying parents from their predatory cabin neighbor who is intent on feeding them all to her undead family.

“Even though there's an overall dark element to horror films, you can't deny the pure entertainment value of them.” says director Peter Ricq. “As a kid, my father showed me contemporary horror and Amblin Entertainment movies that I found myself gravitating towards because of their marriage of horror, comedy and suspense.  With DEAD SHACK, I have the opportunity to take an 80's kid horror flick and turn it into an R rated movie just like my eight-year-old self always wished it'd be.”

“I’m very excited to be working with these filmmakers to bring DEAD SHACK to life. The script is fun and engaging, and we have a strong creative team with an amazing cast of actors who have found a wonderful balance between the film’s comedy and horror elements.” says producer Amber Ripley.

 “Peter Ricq is a strong new voice in Canada and it’s an honour to be part of this feature debut” stated Raven Banner's Managing partner, Michael Paszt

The project was developed through Telefilm Canada, Super Channel and Creative BC with production support from Telefilm Canada and RG Properties.


July 11, 2016


Regina, Saskatchewan July 11, 2016 – Principal photography has begun in Saskatchewan on Trilight Entertainment’s new feature film, WELCOME TO NOWHERE starring Sara Canning (Vampire Diaries, War of the Planet of the Apes), Robin Dunne (Space Milkshake, Sanctuary), Farrah Aviva (A.R.C.H.I.E, Merry Matrimony), Carlo Rota (24, Jane the Virgin), international recording artist and actor Chantal Kreviazuk (Kiss and Cry, Century Hotel).  

The romantic comedy is produced by Shayne Putzlocher, Glenn Paradis, Mark Montague, written by Maureen Oxley, Kristina Bates and directed by Robin Dunne.  

Welcome To Nowhere is a romantic comedy with a deep and challenging undertone.  It is a story about finding yourself in the most unlikeliest of places.  It explores how despite the personas we create for ourselves are meant to protect us, they are often the things that do us the most harm.  And, if you can find the courage to let go of who you think you should be, and embrace who you really are, you just might open yourself up to finding love.  Even in the middle of nowhere.

“I’m very excited to be reuniting with this creative team to be making Welcome To Nowhere.  The script is full of heart and humour, and we have an exquisite cast of actors to bring this story to life”, said Robin Dunne, Director.

“Trilight has developed a unique business model that puts us in a position to continue to create great movies.  Welcome to Nowhere is a delightful film with a ton of soul and we couldn’t be happier with the natural dynamic our cast presents on screen.” said President of Trilight Entertainment, Shayne Putzlocher.

“This is the third project Clairwood Capital has partnered on with Trilight recently.  We like Trilight’s commitment to building market driven projects that appeal to private investors, and Welcome to Nowhere is another example of a film that can work both creatively, but also financially”, said Glenn Paradis, President of Clairwood Capital and producer on the project. 


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Chantal Kreviazuk

Chantal Kreviazuk

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VIP Movie Experience for children who have been through Regina’s hospitals & Fundraising Event at Mosaic Stadium

REGINA, SK.  April 20, 2016 Trilight Entertainment announced today an exciting initiative to raise funds for Hospitals of Regina Foundation.  Presenting sponsors include Clairwood Capital, Dilawri Group, Knight Auto Group and Rawlco Radio.  

A.R.C.H.I.E, a motion picture filmed exclusively in Regina, Lumsden, and Regina Beach will play on Mosaic Stadium’s Maxtron for children and families on August 20.  Putting children first is Trilight’s commitment and have pledged all proceeds to Hospitals of Regina Foundation, in support of Regina’s pediatric program.  The event will give children who have been through Regina’s hospitals, a VIP red carpet movie premiere experience as well as sell tickets to the general public.

Ajay Dilawri, the events presenting sponsor anda long standing supporter of the Hospitals of Regina Foundation and co-founder of The Dilawri Foundation says, “Our long-standing support of Hospitals of Regina Foundation reflects our vision and commitment to invest in the well-being of our future generations: starting right here in our local communities.”

“I think the whole spirit of giving and community defines Regina, and is instrumental in supporting healthcare,” says Kevin Knight, one of the events presenting sponsors.  “This event once again demonstrates the generosity of the Regina business community and enthusiasm of the people in Regina.”

The movie A.R.C.H.I.E.(Artifical Robotronic Canine Hyper-Intelligence Experiment) was co-produced with local Regina production company Java Post Production. It tells the memorable story of a young girl adjusting to loss and life in a new town, along the way she befriends a robotic dog with incredible abilities. A.R.C.H.I.E is brought to life through the voice acting of Micheal J. Fox and the film lightheartedly explores coming of age themes such as friendship, love, grief and family.  

Glenn Paradis, Partner of Trilight Entertainment and President of Clairwood Capital attended the announcement at Mosaic Stadium. Glenn is passionate about Clairwood’s dedication to financing Trilight Entertainment projects in Saskatchewan. “It’s very rewarding to align our efforts in producing a great movie that is fun for the whole family along with philanthropic interests that are close to our heart.  It is a core philosophy of our companies to give back, so we are honoured to have our project and this collaboration featured as part of the legacy campaign events at Mosaic Stadium.  If we can make some kids smile and have a fun day while raising money for a great cause, we are all in”. 

Tickets Available at:                                        www.archieforpediatrics.com
Facebook:                                                        Archieforpediatrics
Twitter:                                                            Archieforpeds  

Trilight Entertainment:                                     info@trilight.ca
Andrea Hoffman
Event Coordinator                archieforpediatrics@gmail.com



Trilight Entertainment and Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary partner to make Movie Camp 2015

In October 2015, Trilight Entertainment and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary aligned to produce a movie camp.  Calgary youth participated in the camp lead by a group of industry professionals and left with exciting new skills and most importantly, INSPIRATION.  Please enjoy our video highlighting the success of that day.