Beautiful Girls meets Sweet Home Alabama


WRITERS:  MAUREN OXLEY and Kristina bates


CAST:  Sara CanningImali PereraDan Payne 

After learning his father has passed away, MATT comes back to his hometown to discover that the family FARMHOUSE is mortgaged to the hilt.  As they lie on the roof of the barn drinking beers and looking up at the stars, Matt and his knucklehead high school friends, STEVE and NORM, devise a plan to raise money and keep the family farm – they’ll fake a UFO sighting and sell the story to an unsuspecting tabloid. After all, this is exactly the kind of hi-jinx they got up to all the time when they were teenagers.

However, when the guys wake up in the morning – with their considerable hangovers - their fantastic idea doesn’t seem so fantastic anymore.  There’s no way anybody would fall for such a prank.

…Or would they?

SANDRA is a journalist looking for the final story in her award winning series about the dumbing down of small, Midwest towns.  When her quirky assistant ANA receives the photo of the UFO citing, the two pack up their bags, along with fake identities, and head out to write the final piece of the series.

Sandra and Ana embark on a series of interviews with the many townspeople who have banded together to help MATT in his time of need.  Despite their best intentions, Sandra and Matt start to fall for one another --- that is until Sandra’s boss (and boyfriend) RICHARD comes to town.   

When both truths bubble to the surface, Sandra must decide what she wants: the grand finale to her best selling series or to follow her heart …