An injured police detective returns to his hometown and finds mysterious clues as he is pulled into an investigation of a series of heinous crimes.




Rick Hullett, a city detective with the special ability to see the spirit of a person leave their body as they are on the cusp of dying, is severely wounded in the line of duty.  Returning home to recover from his wounds, he becomes entangled in an investigation of a food poisoning case that has links to the suspicious death of his parent’s death twenty years before.  The clues that Rick sees come through in his dreams and mysterious visions of his father.  With the help of his ex-flame now town reporter Brianna Royster, they slowly unravel the wrongdoings of Unified Foods CEO Neil Callahan that spins down to the lead lawyer of the lawsuit, Rick’s best friend and his sister Sylvie’s fiancé Martin Lomax.  Chilling events lead to a dramatic showdown, with Rick running out of time to save the woman he loves and receiving help from the unlikeliest of sources, the spirit of his dead father.