A.R.C.H.I.E 2                        




ARCHIE and his best friend ISABEL are flying to the family cottage for the summer. The plane belongs to Uncle Paul but the only qualified pilot is Archie the robot. He can do anything! Tagging along is their family friend SYDNEY, who has hitched a ride for the sole purpose of joining the circus. THE MAGICAL MYSTERY CARNIVAL is passing through the rural town near the cottage and Sydney has secured himself an audition.  Being in a circus is his lifelong dream.


When the gang arrives Isabel befriends eleven year-old GREGORY, who is the son of the carnival manager. Gregory is spending the summer traveling with the carnival, and is very protective of his Dad. Gregory confides in Isabel that someone is stealing from his father and that the carnival is on the brink of bankruptcy.


For his carnival audition Sydney begs Archie to be his “ventriloquist dummy”. Isabel reminds Sydney of RULE NUMBER ONE: “Nobody can ever know about Archie’s special skills”.  But it’s too late, trapeze artist LARA, overhears everything.  After much persuasive pleading, Archie agrees to be part of Sydney’s act. Everyone is blown away by their performance. Sydney and Archie are the newest members of the carnival.


Archie confides to Isabel that he is tired of being different, and that he’s found a “delete button” in his hard drive that erases all of his special abilities. Isabel asks if he is seriously considering becoming an average canine. Unconvincingly he tells her no.


By the time Gregory figures out Lara is stealing from his Dad it’s too late. Lara has stolen the money and Paul’s plane. What’s worse is that she forces Isabel and Archie to escort her, counting on Archie’s flying skills. Unbeknownst to everyone onboard, Archie has deleted his hard drive. He is now a “normal dog” unable to pilot an aircraft.


As the plane plummets to the ground, it is up to Isabel to call on her deep friendship with Archie to convince him to reboot his hard drive, so he can land the plane and save the day.